Action & Adventure Rpg

The Day Before

Développeur : Fntastic

Gendres : Action, Adventure, MMRPG

Plate-forme : PC STEAMXBOXPS5PS4

Date release : 7 décembre 2023

Editing : MytonaMytona Fntastic

Mode : Multijoueur

Moteur : Unreal Engine 5

The Day Before 01

Survive and Thrive in a Post-Apocalyptic Open World :

Prepare to enter a dangerous and unforgiving world in The Day Before! Developed by Fntastic Studio, this highly anticipated open-world survival game plunges you into a post-apocalyptic landscape, where humanity fights. Brace yourself for a harrowing journey filled with exploration, resource gathering, and intense encounters as you navigate the remnants of society.

The Day Before 02

A World in Ruins:

The Day Before presents a hauntingly beautiful and immersive open world, meticulously crafted to depict the aftermath of a global pandemic. Explore decaying cities, overgrown forests, and desolate countryside as you scavenge for supplies, seek shelter, and uncover the secrets of what led to the world’s downfall. Engage with a dynamic environment that reacts to your actions and learn to adapt to the challenges that lie ahead.

The Day Before 03

Survival at All Costs:

In this ruthless world, survival is paramount. Manage your hunger, thirst, and fatigue as you navigate the treacherous landscapes. Collect resources, craft essential items, and build makeshift shelters to protect yourself from the elements and the threats that lurk in the darkness. Be resourceful, stay alert, and make difficult choices that will determine your fate in this unforgiving post-apocalyptic setting.

The Day Before 04

Challenging Encounters and Fierce Combat:

The Day Before presents a variety of encounters that test your skills and decision-making. Engage in intense firefights against other survivors or stealthily navigate dangerous areas to avoid detection. Utilize a wide range of weapons and gear to gain an advantage, but remember that ammunition and supplies are scarce. Choose your battles wisely and strategize to survive the hostile world around you.

The Day Before 05

Cooperative Gameplay and Social Interaction:

While the world of The Day Before is harsh and lonely, you don’t have to face it alone. Join forces with other survivors in cooperative gameplay, forming alliances to increase your chances of survival against the infected and rival factions. Trade resources, share knowledge, and embark on challenging missions together, as the strength of unity may be the key to overcoming the challenges of this bleak world.

The Day Before 06


The Day Before offers a gripping and immersive survival experience set in a post-apocalyptic world. With its stunning visuals, challenging gameplay, and emphasis on resource management and cooperation, the game promises to deliver an intense and unforgettable journey. Prepare to face the dangers of the infected, navigate hostile encounters, and strive for survival against all odds in this unforgiving open world.

Sorry But Fntastic took to Twitter to formally declare what some folks may have already seen coming.

The studio behind The Day Before writes that the game “has failed financially,” and that it “lacks the funds” to keep the rapidly sinking ship afloat.

Fntastic claims in the note that it will use the income received from game sales to pay off debts.1

Gameplay in Youtube :

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