Introduction :

Tchia is a video game developed by Awaceb that was released in 2021.

Tells the story of a young girl named Tchia who lives on a small island in the Pacific.

Tchia is a unique character who has the ability to possess the bodies of animals and objects on the island.

Ability allows her to explore the island in new ways and to solve puzzles that she encounters along the way.

Storyline :

Game starts with Tchia waking up on the beach of the island. She soon discovers her ability to possess objects and animals and sets off on a quest to save the island from an evil force that threatens to destroy it.

As Tchia travels around the island, she meets other characters and learns more about the history of the island and the nature of the evil force that threatens it.

One of the most notable aspects of the game is its open-world design.

Island is a vast, sprawling landscape that is full of secrets to uncover and mysteries to solve.

Player is free to explore the island at their own pace and can choose to focus on the main storyline or to pursue other activities such as fishing, surfing, or collecting items.

Development of Tchia went through several changes before the final version of the game was released. Originally, the game was designed as a smaller, more focused experience that was centered around Tchia’s possession ability.

However, as development continued, the team decided to expand the game into a larger open-world experience that would allow players to fully explore the island.

Another major change that occurred during development was the addition of a more robust storyline. Originally, the game’s story was fairly simple and focused on Tchia’s quest to save the island. However, as the game was developed, the story was expanded to include more characters, more lore, and more depth.

Conclusion :

Tchia is a unique and engaging video game that offers players a rich and rewarding experience. Its open-world design, compelling storyline, and innovative possession mechanic make it a standout title that is well worth playing. The changes that occurred during the game’s development only serve to make it a more complete and satisfying experience for players.


Gameplay in YouTube:

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