Pax Dei

On Valve’s platform, every gamer eagerly awaits the online game that will dazzle and captivate them for months. At the PC Gaming Show conference, the developers of Pax Dei, whom we had already met a few months earlier.

Spoke to us again about their future hit, which will launch on Steam and exploit the functionalities of cloud gaming. Freedom within the game, yes, but outside too!.

Pax Dei, the heroic fantasy sandbox that could put all MMO fans on the same page

Ever since the first productions of the genre, every new MMO has been chasing this pious hope of unparalleled freedom.

Where the field of possibilities seems infinite and almost immediate. The promises of Pax Dei come very close to this!

Present at the PC Gaming Show conference, the « revolutionary sandbox » from Mainframe Industries returned a few months after our interview.

Proclaim loud and clear that this massively multiplayer online game will allow you « from the very first minutes » to do « whatever comes into your head in the company of other players ».

This cooperative aspect is, in fact, the very heart of this novel proposition from Mainframe Industries of games.

Naturally, « sandbox » means « construction », and you’re going to have to get your hands dirty. But when there’s more than one of you, you’re more efficient, quicker: collecting materials, crafting items, creating equipment of all kinds, building houses .

Dare we say it, but it’s almost as if EVE Online – not so surprising, since some of the studio’s members worked on that title! – meets the heroic fantasy genre, all in an atmosphere that smacks of medieval Europe in the 1200s!

This freedom is also reflected in the storytelling, as each player is, in a way, the starting point for the most exciting.

An MMO that leaves players in peace… and goes to war with the competition!

Yes, thanks to Pax Dei, you won’t just be a player. Above all, you’ll be a creator!

Pax Dei’s aim is to offer players a kind of absolute freedom, the possibilities offered Unreal Engine 5 technologies. Beautiful, yes, but above all highly effective from a technical point of view!

We all know how difficult it is to carve out a place for oneself multiplayer online games.

Thus, Mainframe Industries’ title will make cloud gaming its greatest feature, allowing even the most curious gamers to play wherever.

Although Pax Dei aims to give multiplayer online games a huge kick in the pants, it has not abandoned traditional MMO codes, particularly as it has the good fortune to rely on teams who have made their mark on the genre’s flagship games.

In addition to all the above, there will be extensive avatar customization, thanks to a wide choice of equipment, expeditions into increasingly dangerous lands to offer the more curious a healthy dose of PvE, and a more player-versus-player dimension to battle vigorously.


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