Evolution of animations in fighting games


Fighting games have always been about intense battles between characters, but the intro and outro animations have always been an essential part of the overall experience. These animations have come a long way since the early days of pixelated graphics, with more detailed and realistic animations becoming the norm in modern fighting games.


Street Fighter, one of the most influential fighting game franchises, introduced intro and outro animations from the very beginning. In the early games, the animations were relatively simple, with characters posing and moving in a limited range of motion.

The outro animations were equally impressive, with characters celebrating their victories in unique and creative ways.

Fatal Fury, another SNK franchise, had some of the most dramatic intro and outro animations of its time.

The outro animations were also impressive, with defeated characters collapsing to the ground in a realistic and dramatic manner.

Tekken, developed by Namco, was one of the first fighting games to feature full 3D graphics.

The links between these franchises are apparent in their intro and outro animations.

Characters :

Characters from one franchise often appeared in the intros or outros of another franchise, highlighting the connections between the games.


Gameplay in Youtube:

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