E-Sport Fighting in Morocco

E-Sport Fighting in Morocco is a Moroccan e-sports organization that participates in various video game competitions, including fighting games.

MDJS e-Sport Morocco

MDJS e-Sport Morocco official website and they do have an official Facebook page, which you can visit by going to

Abdelkhalek nassiri (abdoukof) borne in rabat ville city of morocco winner or orange esport champions 2023.

E-Sport Fighting in Morocco in Facebook page, you can find information about the organization, their history, they also post updates on their activities and events, as well as news related to the e-sports industry in Morocco and beyond.

Mohamed Oubah (wolfman) rank in Evo japan 2023 kofxv 129 th and guilty gear 256 th borne insale ville city of morocco.

6th place in Street fighters V on competion of europe and Rank 01 in street fighters 6 in Morocco.

If you are specifically looking for information on their involvement in fighting game competitions, you may want to browse through their posts in Facebook page to inquire about their participation.

MDJS e-Sport Morocco Facebook page

 Is a good source of information about the organization. Here are a few more details:

  • The page has over 66,000 followers, which suggests that it is a popular and active community.
  • MDJS e-Sport Morocco was founded in 2017 and is based in Morocco. They participate in a variety of e-sports competitions, including FIFA, PES, Dota 2League of Legends, and more.
  • While I do not have specific information on their involvement in fighting game competitions, it is possible that they participate in events related to games like TekkenStreet Fighter, or Mortal Kombat.
  • MDJS e-Sport Morocco has several teams, each dedicated to a specific game or genre. Some of their teams include MDJS FIFA, MDJS PES, MDJS Dota 2, and MDJS League of Legends.
  • In addition to participating in competitions, MDJS e-Sport Morocco also provides coaching and training for aspiring e-sports athletes. They also organize events and tournaments, which are open to the public.
  • Saad Errachide in quebec Canada.
Groupe Moroccan Fighters

However, there is a Moroccan fighting game community that is active on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Abbad Omar (Zouni) borne in rabat ville city of morocco is an Admin of Moroccan Fighters groupe and leader of association E-sport Figthing in Rabat city Morocco, winner in a lot competions in Europe and Emirates Esport federation.

Moroccan Fighting Game Community

This community is known as the Moroccan Fighting Game Community, or MFGC for short. They are a group of players who are passionate about fighting games and regularly participate in tournaments and events. MFGC is open to players of all skill levels and strives to build a welcoming and inclusive community.

MFGC organizes and participates in various tournaments and events throughout Morocco, as well as international events. They also host regular meetups

Ali zniber (moul javel) casablanca city morocco

If you are interested in learning more about MFGC or getting involved with the community, you can visit their Facebook page at or follow them on Twitter at

Freezer casablanca city morocco winner in king Figthers game in emission 3ich l’game.

Overall, MDJS e-Sport Morocco is a reputable and active e-sports organization in Morocco, and their Facebook page is a good source of information for those interested in following their activities and events.

There is a lot of fans in Figthing game in morocco i like the games and i have contribued too in youtube kiwimediatek channel with a lot of video gaming and website Kiwimediatek.

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