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Disney Speedstorm

Disney Speedstorm is an upcoming racing game developed by Timuz Games and published by Disney. The game features popular Disney and Pixar characters racing in high-speed go-karts through various themed tracks. In this essay, we will discuss the development and graphics.


Timuz Games is an Indian mobile game development company that has previously released popular titles such as Train Simulator Uphill Drive and Offroad Driving Adventure 2016.The company’s first collaboration with Disney.

The game features recognizable characters from Disney and Pixar franchises, such as Toy StoryFrozen, and The Incredibles.

The team at Timuz Games has worked to balance the game’s mechanics, ensuring that the races are challenging but not frustrating.


One of the standout features of Disney Speedstorm is its vibrant and colorful graphics.

However the graphics of Disney Speedstorm are powered by the Unity engine, which allows for smooth gameplay and stunning visual effects.


Disney Speedstorm is an exciting upcoming racing game with charming graphics and recognizable characters. The development of the game has been focused on creating a fun and engaging racing experience for players, and the team at Timuz Games has shown dedication and creativity in bringing the game to life. The graphics of Disney Speedstorm are a standout feature, with vibrant and colorful tracks and well-crafted character designs. It’s sure to be a hit with fans of Disney and racing games alike.


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