Street Fighter History behind the warrior

Street Fighter is a popular fighting game franchise that was first released by Capcom in 1987.

The game was created by Takashi Nishiyama and Hiroshi Matsumoto and was initially released in hiarcades before being ported to various home console

Street Fighter 6 is the next evolution of the Street Fighter series, featuring innovative new gameplay features and improved graphics for every aspect of the game.

Powered by RE ENGINE, the game engine developed by Capcom, Street Fighter 6 is divided into three different game modes: Fighting Ground, World Tour and Battle Hub.

Rise to the title of World Warrior starts here.

Your moment. Your fight.1

Street Fighter 1

The first game in the series, simply titled it was not particularly successful. It featured only two playable characters, Ryu and Ken, and the gameplay was somewhat clunky and difficult to master. However, Capcom decided to stick with the franchise and released an improved sequel, II, » in 1991.

It’s was a massive success and is widely considered to be one of the most important and influential video games of all time.

Street Fighter 2

Over the years, Franchise has continued to evolve and expand.

Street Fighter "

In addition to its impact on the video game industry, He has also had a significant impact on popular culture.

Street Fighter 4

The game’s characters and catchphrases have become widely recognized and have appeared.


Gameplay in YouTube :

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