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Sand Land

Sand Land manga series created by Akira Toriyama , the renowned manga artist known for works such as Dragon Ball.

However, as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, there is no information available about a game specifically « Sand Land. » It’s possible that the game you’re referring to was released after my knowledge cutoff or may be a fictional game.

Game called « Sand Land, » it is likely based on the manga series of the same name product by Disney and . In that case, the game might feature gameplay and a storyline inspired by the manga’s setting and characters. However, without further details or confirmation of the existence of such a game, it is difficult to provide specific information.

In this open-world action-RPG adaptation of Akira Toriyama’s Sand Land, the standout character is the egg-shaped tank.

Which takes center stage. Developed by ILCA, the game heavily focuses on vehicular combat and traversal, a fitting choice considering Toriyama’s for motorized vehicles. Toriyama’s love for vehicles is evident in the Dragon Ball series, where numerous vehicles are featured. While Toriyama’s character designs are iconic, his unique vehicle designs are equally evocative. From cars and scooters to hovercrafts and airships, Toriyama’s distinct vehicle designs are a delight, and the bulbous.

tank in Sand Land stands out as one of his best creations, blending his signature style with historical influences.

The first part of the game’s story’s Sand Land may lack depth beneath its stylish exterior, but the opportunity .

Designed vehicles from Toriyama’s imagination is a constant pleasure, even if the game falls short in other areas.

The first part of the game’s story:

Game’s faithfully retells the original 14-chapter one-shot manga released in 2000.

Set in the wasteland called Sand Land, the narrative revolves around a desert world suffering from a severe water shortage.

Players assume the role of Beelzebub, a spirited demon prince with pink skin and a deep love for video games. Alongside the serious Sheriff Rao and the wise Thief, Beelzebub embarks on a quest to discover a rumored water source that could revive Sand Land. The second half of the game’s story covers new events introduced in the recently released anime adaptation.

Manga :

While the first six episodes retread the familiar ground of the manga, the following seven episodes story. Toriyama conceptualized a fresh tale where Beelzebub, Rao, and Thief become entangled in an imbalanced war after venturing into the neighboring Forest Land.

Sand Land may not enjoy the same level of popularity as Akira Toriyama’s other works, like Dragon Ball and Dr. Slump, but its recent resurgence has its merits. The game successfully captures the strengths of the manga, particularly its captivating characters and world-building. The dynamic between Beelzebub, Rao, and Thief is as charming as ever, and the open world allows their conversations and banter to unfold naturally as players traverse different locations. While moments taken directly from the manga shine, some incidental dialogue tends to repeat excessively, becoming grating over time.

Fortunately, the storytelling itself is well-executed, blending childlike wonder with deeper explorations of prejudice, trauma, corporate greed, and environmentalism in a world devastated by human actions. Sand Land’s central theme urges players not to judge based on appearances, while Rao’s backstory delves into the horrors of war and genocide and their lasting effects. The entire cast of characters is well-developed, shaped by their pasts and growing as they uncover more about the world and each other. Optional side quests, although often wordy and less original, contribute to expanding Toriyama’s world, showcasing how ordinary people survive in the harshness of Sand Land’s desert landscape.

Apart from the narrative, the game successfully captures one of the manga’s core aspects—the imaginative vehicles. Players can access various two- and four-wheeled machines, seamlessly swapping them while traversing the open world. The standout star is the iconic tank, with its exhaust pipes emitting fumes as it glides over the sand with its undulating treadwheels. Surprisingly nimble despite its size, the tank adds fluidity to combat as players dodge incoming attacks and unleash their own powerful cannon fire on enemy tanks. A secondary weapon, often an automatic Gatling gun, aids in dispatching foot soldiers and smaller creatures. This creates a satisfying flow in combat, utilizing the tank’s speed boost and agility to outmaneuver enemies.

Customization plays :

A significant role in the game, allowing players to swap out the tank’s weapons with new and upgraded parts.

However, there isn’t much variety in how these weapons handle, and crafting new parts lacks convenience as players cannot compare them with their current equipment. Enemy scaling based on player level diminishes the sense of progression, even with the installation of high-damage parts.

Despite these drawbacks, the tank-based action in Sand Land remains enjoyable, offering rewarding shooting mechanics, albeit with limited evolution. Additional cooldown-based abilities, of which players can equip one, add depth to combat, providing defensive or offensive options.

Other vehicles, such as the motorbike, hovercar, dirt buggy, and jump-bot, serve primarily for traversal purposes. Each vehicle has its own set of weapons, but they become less significant once combat intensifies since players can easily switch to the tank. The Battle Armor, unlocked later in the game, stands out due to its ability to uppercut enemy tanks into the air.

Outside of vehicle segments, Sand Land’s quality diminishes. Beelzebub’s hand-to-hand combat skills are adequate, with light and heavy attacks, dodging, and unlockable abilities for Rao and Thief. However, melee combat is simplistic, often requiring only a string of light attacks to defeat most enemies. Fighting multiple foes becomes challenging due to the inability to switch targets while locked on, leading to awkward exchanges. Melee combat encounters are infrequent, which is a saving grace considering their lack of depth.

Similarly, the game features rudimentary stealth sections that rely on trial and error, instantly failing if players are detected. Thankfully, these stealth moments are relatively straightforward to navigate without drawing attention. The main issue lies in the slow and monotonous crouched movement, which provides an undesired change of pace. Stealth sections often take place in similar military bases, contributing to the repetitive nature of both stealth and melee combat encounters.

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Conclusion :

Overall, Sand Land successfully captures the strengths of the original manga, offering engaging characters, a well-told story, and the excitement of piloting imaginative vehicles. While it may have shortcomings in certain areas such as repetitive dialogue and combat mechanics, the game still delivers an enjoyable experience for fans of Akira Toriyama’s work.

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