Pathfinder Wrath of The Righteous

Embark on an Epic Journey of Heroes and Legends :

Prepare to embark on an unforgettable adventure in Pathfinder Wrath of The Righteous! Developed by Owlcat Games, this highly anticipated RPG takes you to the war-torn world of Golarion. As a chosen hero, it is up to you to gather a band of legendary companions, master powerful abilities.

Mode : Solo

Game Reference Sites: SteamPlayStationIGNGameblogGameSpot, Jeuxvideo

Concepteur : Alexander Mishulin

Développeur : Owlcat Games


Éditeur : META Publishing

Date de sortie initiale : 2 septembre 2021

Moteur : Unity

Unleash Your Heroic Potential :

Pathfinder Wrath of The Righteous, you have the opportunity to create a truly unique hero. Choose from a variety of classes, including classic archetypes like fighters, wizards, and rogues, or explore more exotic options such as the mythic path, which grants extraordinary powers and abilities. Customize your character’s appearance, skills, and playstyle, and prepare to face the challenges that lie ahead.

Pathfinder 2
Gather a Band of Legendary Companions :

Forge bonds with a diverse cast of companions, each with their own personalities, backstories, and abilities. From battle-hardened warriors to enigmatic sorcerers and cunning thieves, your companions will play a crucial role in your journey. Engage in personal quests, make difficult choices, and build relationships that can shape the course of the narrative.

Pathfinder 3
Engrossing Storyline and Choices :

Pathfinder Wrath of The Righteous offers a rich and immersive narrative, filled with deep lore, political intrigue, and moral dilemmas. Your choices and actions throughout the game will have far-reaching consequences, influencing the outcome of the story and the world around you. Embrace your role as a hero, make alliances, and confront the darkness that threatens to consume Golarion.

Pathfinder 4
Epic Battles and Tactical Combat :

Engage in thrilling real-time combat, where strategy and tactical decision-making are key to victory. Assemble a party of skilled warriors, cast powerful spells, and utilize the environment to gain an advantage over your foes. Pathfinder Wrath of The Righteous offers a deep and customizable combat system, allowing you to create unique synergies between your party members and unleash devastating combos.

Pathfinder 5
Conclusion :

Game is a must-play RPG that offers a deep and immersive experience, filled with heroic deeds, challenging battles, and impactful choices. As you journey through the war-torn world of Golarion, gathering companions, mastering powerful abilities, and shaping the fate of the realm, you’ll be captivated by the rich lore, engaging gameplay, and epic storytelling.

Gameplay :

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